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Most lost pets do not have their collars on? Maness Veterinary Services as well as each of its individual employees have partnered with HomeAgain to become registered pet rescuers.
Did it hurt?
Microchipping consists of implanting a small chip into your pet that can be scanned with a reader. This chip should not migrate but will stay at that site for easy ID.  Our implantation fee is only $39.50 for companion animals. Biotherm chips are available for other species at a slightly higher cost.  The biotherm chips provide both the temperature and ID number. Chips can't be lost like collars can be.
Animal Shelters have been provided with scanners so they can scan picked up animals. 

One phone call could reunite your family.   
 child cat         REUNION    STORIES    

Right here in Newcastle, Todd Griffith is glad he microchipped his Great Pyrenees puppy, Princess. white dog
Todd and his family had been searching for Princess for a number of days since she disappeared from the Highway 9 area. She was scanned by another vet in Lawton, Oklahoma and they contacted us. Princess was reunited with her family. Todd drove to Lawton that day and recovered her.  Without that microchip and permanent identification, they would never have known what happened to her.

child dog If your pet is lost or stolen, one phone call and a PET AMBER ALERT is released. All shelters, veterinarians, and pet rescuers within a 25 mile radius are notified.  Membership is only $19.99 the first year which includes the life time listing. Membership in HomeAgain is mandatory the first year which gives many benefits: a lifetime listing in their data base which is one of the largest and was the AKC database, pet medical ID cards, and free phone calls to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control to name just a few of the benefits. Nationwide access to our medical records for vaccination documentation makes travel easy and worry free.
It can be renewed yearly for all the other benefits to continue.

family pet  Remember, our clients can come get scanned or have any animal they find scanned for FREE!
Not just for dogs and cats....    Don't take a chance, get chipped today.   

If your pet is already chipped, then it can still be registered in the database for just the membership. Multipet and breeder discounts apply.
Our scanner at Maness Veterinary Services will read all major chip brands.

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Microchipping clinics can be organized for rescue or disaster events, call us for additional information! (405)387-5005